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  • May, 2024


Ash Wednesday is a holy day of prayer and fasting in many Western Christian denominations. It marks the first day of Lent, the six weeks of penitence before Easter.
The Ash Wednesday Service in St. Louis Nur/Pry School Ikere Ekiti took place on Wednesday 14th February, 2024 on the assembly ground and was conducted by the headteacher (Rev. Sr. Lucia Adenle). It started with the singing of solemn hymns which was followed by a brief homily on Abstinence. The homily was based on the three pillars of Lent which are Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving. Through these three pillars of Lent, we journey to develop a closer relationship with God. The headteacher went on to say that the 40 days of Lent should be filled with reflection, service, and prayer. She added that it is not medically advisable for pupils to fast at their age because they need food to grow and function well. However, they can fast from other things like noise making, stealing, lying, fighting, laziness, eating too much food, and so on. After the soul-lifting homily, the headteacher and other Sisters of St. Louis Ikere went ahead with the dissemination of harsh on everyone present. The service was brought to an end with a closing prayer by Rev. Sr. Lucia Adenle.