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  • March, 2023

Career Day

Career day is a day set aside for the pupils to dress in professional wear to indicate the career of their choice. This day was not just meant for fashion, it was impactful and futuristic. In fact, it led to several decisions on what the pupils aspire to be in the nearest future. Though quite a number of professions declared on the career day might not materialize, in all, they serve as a guide in the pupils' career path and it is crucial as it is one of the factors responsible for sharpening the future of the pupils and engage their mental and emotional decision about their career. It further exposes and motivates them.

Moreso, parents, and stakeholders in their different professional uniforms were also invited to speak to the pupils which also serve as a way of connecting the pupils.

The parents get to know the career chosen by their ward(s) earlier in life, which helps the parents to help in preparing and guiding the pupils aright.