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  • December, 2023

World Science Day (2023/2024)

World Science Day in Saint Louis Nursery and Primary School, Ikere-Ekiti State.

    World Science Day is a day set aside to consistently underline the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives. It is always observed on every 10th of November, of which this year was not an exception.
   The day was thereby marked in St. Louis Nursery and Primary School, Ikere Ekiti to enlighten the pupils on the core importance of science and its impact on our day-to-day life activities. It was marked with different kinds of experiments to show the beauty of science to the pupils on the school's assembly ground after the day's moderation had been done.
   To mark the day, an experiment on Pump and Coke Bubbles was performed by an organized set of pupils, each dressed in a lab coat. The pump experiment is a hydrodynamic fun experiment whereby the air pressure, filled with colored water was pushed out. On the part of the Coke Bubbles, an amount of salt was added to a bottle of Coke, it changed the balance of its reaction and forced the release of carbon dioxide bubbles. This occurred because the salt that was added, overpowered the carbon dioxide and replaced it in the Coke.
   The pupils watched these experiments with lots of excitement and fun, after which they all matched to their various classes as instructed.